Truck Accessories And Paint Protection.


Oiltrell Por-Sun-Nite of Corpus Christi, Texas, is your one-stop-shop for vehicle detailing and truck accessories. From grill guards, side steps, and headache racks to bug shields and tool boxes, we have everything you need to personalize your truck and make it more functional to your needs. We carry name brand accessories,.And we offer them at much lower prices than the rest. Installation included on all prices. 

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Amazing Glaze Paint Seal.

Originated for the aviation industry. Amazing Glaze is a flouro polymer based paint sealant with powerful additives that allow it to bond itself onto an already painted surface. The products multiple molecular properties provide maximum protection by sealing the pigment topcoats and clear coats of paint weather crystal clear coating and at the same time, providing deep, long-lasting shine. Also making it easier to remove dirt, grease and bird acid by wiping with a damp cloth. Amazing Glaze is even able to withstand any type of car wash without melting or washing away.

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